Flower of Life Yantra

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The Flower of Life: an ancient, pervasive cultural symbol and a prime example of sacred geometry. It is said to represent a number of philosophical and spiritual ideas and concepts, including the building blocks for the universe (Platonic Solids). The Flower of Life is often used as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life (and spirit) in the universe, and has been found throughout the world in all major regions and within all major religions over the centuries.

Today, I invite you to share my version of the Flower of Life, in yantra (or mandala) form. Enjoy.

Flower of Life Yantra

* Please respect my artistic copyright on this image, and do not download, alter, republish, or claim for your own the image here without prior written approval. This image was created by me, and all applicable copyrights apply. Thank you.

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  1. mike rygg says:

    I’m looking for an embroidered 3″ dia. flower of life – can’t find one yet. I really like this mandala w/ FOL symbol on it. what would it take to use your design for embroidery or can you point me in a direction to find a FOL embroidered patch.

    nice work


  2. Ron Mattos says:

    Nice graphic of the Flower of Life!

    My work is all non-profit, and I am totally independet from any organization or business. I am working on several videos that depict concepts from the Urantia Book. Right now I am working on The Seven Absolutes of Infinity. The Seed of Life and the Flower of Life are helpful for visualizing and remembering the the relationships of the seven entities involved.

    I would like permission to use your graphic on my video. I am getting ready to upload a new version, now that I and my friends have had time to examine the rough draft for mistakes and improvements. You can see the original version at the link in the website field of your form.

    If granted permission, it would appear in the video once, maybe twice for about 5 or 10 seconds.
    I would mention your name in the description on YouTube if you like.

  3. Thank you for the complements, but I am retaining full copyright on this image and do not want the image shared or used elsewhere at this time. Please enjoy it on my site, but please leave the image here.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find the Flower of Life in embroidered format. Best of luck on your search.

    Thank you.

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