Bang the Drum!

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Bang. Bang. Bang. Tum de dum tum!

Drum Circles!

Rap-a-tap-tap… thmm thmm thmm. Hand-drumming in a circle is an incredible way to open your heart and connect with your spirit, the spirits of those in the circle with you, and with the spirit of Mother Earth! *Wow*

Drumming is, of course, a very ancient tradition found among numerous cultures and regions of people throughout the ages. It’s been used for spiritual pursuits in a variety of contexts (Shamanistic & Neopagan rituals for example), and is something which, like so many other “old, Earthy, spiritual” cultural activities, is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest. From personal experience, drumming like this affects the Heart Chakra -opening it up, relaxing your spirit, easing physical tensions. It encourages you to interact with each other, with yourself, with the drum, with your heart. It’s an opportunity to have fun and leave the seriousness of life behind.

What came as a bit of surprise, was that Mother Earth loves the drums as well – that primal, essential reconnection with Earth’s heartbeat helps us resonate with Her, and She with us. She needs the healing energies as much as we do, and the drums facilitated an energetic exchange that I wasn’t expecting. It was so nice to resonate with Her on that level, with the drum as translator! What a wonderful, healing experience!

Perhaps there was something to those ancient drumming rituals after all…. *wink*

… and drums.

Healing & Wholeness

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