Catching the notion

Posted on May 10, 2007 By

We recently went on a trip out of town, and knowing that I’d have some free, quiet time in the evenings, I was looking forward to spending that time meditating and continuing my metaphysical studies, which had been a bit disrupted the last week. The hotel room, however, had other plans; it just didn’t feel right – at all. I thought about meditating, I wanted to meditate, but just couldn’t bring myself to do so. In fact, I got the feeling that if I did manage any kind of meditation session, I’d end up physically sick – an experimental luxury I didn’t have.

So where did this idea of getting physically sick come from? Was this impression due to my already disrupted meditation routine? Was it ego looking for more time to establish a foothold without being ousted from my consciousness by meditation? Was it my higher sensibilities (spirit guides) warning me of the effects of opening myself up in an area of high (& highly stressed) traffic vibrations? Because I’ve been a bit “out of touch” the last week, it’s tough to tell, but those impressions, whatever their source, are generally worth listening to. Those insights and truths are often easily dismissed on the conscious physical realm, but if you can catch them (whether you can identify the specific spiritual source or not), they can save you a lot of heartache (& physical ache too!). The trick is in the catching… and that just takes practice, awareness, a bit of faith, and surrendering to your higher power(s).

Good luck.



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