Fickle Belief

Posted on May 12, 2007 By

Metaphysics. One of its many aspects may be defined as the study of and belief in phenomena that is not understood or explainable by modern-day science. That doesn’t make the phenomena any less real or effective, but sometimes it’s difficult to maintain your own belief in the phenomena that you yourself have witnessed or even performed.

How can we overcome the conditioning of our society on those deep-seated levels that constantly undermine our own spiritual advancement? Is it a matter of sheer faith in Spirit, in our own experiences, in ourselves, in something else? Is it a matter of “letting go” – some personality trait concerning some level of control? Is it a matter of continually touching Spirit through meditation, opening your heart and refusing what we’ve been mislead into believing as truth (i.e.: “taught”) in favor of those things which we know are true on a metaphysical level? How does one walk with one foot in both worlds? And why is this a recurring issue? Perhaps it’s time to take a jump into the deep end of the pool, then bask in the sun.

Is it a matter of in our efforts to bend it, not being able to see that there is no spoon?

… And on that note, please pardon me as I go off to discover the nature of spoons!


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