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Here we are… another couple days have gone by and no blog entry made from the Mystical Monkey. Doesn’t seem like I’m doing such a good job of helping others interested in or currently pursuing a similar path, does it? Well, since part of my goal with this blog is to show everyone that the whole Spiritual Development process has its ups and downs -that it, like many things in this incarnation, is cyclical, but entirely possible to do- perhaps I haven’t been so remiss in my self-assigned goal after all. Perhaps in my delinquency of blogging I have only managed to illustrate that point clearly. Maybe.

Yes, I’ve been caught up in samsara, enmeshed in physical reality, but like the lotus flower, it is possible to rise up and bloom from such physical muck. With a bit of determination and discipline it’s possible to reclaim those spiritual connections which have recently fallen by the wayside and continue with my overall forward progress… and towards that end, I’ve decided that it may be a good idea to identify my spiritual goals a bit more clearly and then to log my accomplishments (or lack thereof) toward those goals. In fact, by doing so I may be able to show others, in a very clear form, what one person’s mystical, metaphysical, spiritual, journey really is on a daily basis. But that, and whether it is of any interest or assistance, is really for you to decide…

Goal 1: meditation, minimum of 15 minutes once a day (Shamatha meditation). By meditation, I am referring to a mindfulness, Buddhist meditation such as breath awareness, chakra meditation, or mantra meditation techniques. I am not talking about transcendental meditation, guided meditation, thinking, or just zoning out, but the act of intentional and deliberate, “single-pointed” concentration, intended to still the mind’s chattering.

Goal 2: reflection or Vipashyana (insight) meditation. This is a few quiet minutes at least once a day spent analyzing (and if applicable, journaling) the nature of spirit, the origin of ego, the root of our distress, etc. This is an important period of time set aside to evaluate my personal interactions, goals, etc. on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is an opportunity to determine where and how to focus my attention and intent to improve mindfulness practice.

Goal 3: reiki meditation and healing session. Reconnecting to and working with the Universal Life Force Energy. This is a time to consciously cleanse and heal the various bodies (physical, ethereal, emotional, mental, and spiritual), and to listen to the greater wisdom of Spirit (instead of a single-pointed meditation).

We shall start there and see what happens…

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