Hotel room reflections

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Airport area hotel rooms. High traffic, high turnover, high stress. Many people, many egos, many auras, much baggage, much turmoil, much residual emotion. Not the best place to meditate – even the top-rated hotels I’ve had the fortune to spend time in are not particularly suited to metaphysical pursuits, although they generally tend to be better situated and a bit metaphysically “cleaner”, making the thought at least semi-palatable if you’re the determined, adventurous sort.

But why is it that some places are more difficult to meditate in than others? Ideally, (at least after some practice) we should be competent to meditate just about anywhere and at any time (or to be more precise, ideally we should be in a state of constant meditation, regardless of time, place, space, or physical circumstance). Some places though, just feel “wrong” to even attempt to meditate, whereas others send us to meditative states without any conscious effort on our part. Is it a matter of personal preferences or sensitivities, the innate power and essence of the location itself? A bit of both?

Well, there are physical locations on the Earth (& perhaps elsewhere, but I can’t vouch for them just yet) that have more energy than others – places where the vibration is higher, and things are more in balance with spirit and the universal consciousness. And yes, we mere humans feel the differences in these frequencies. Sometimes we’re not aware of them, but they are there, affecting us all the same. And of course, the more you meditate and pursue spiritual knowledge, the more sensitive you become to vibrational energies of all kinds and the more you may be affected by them. Are you a helpless victim to these leftover energies and impressions? Not necessarily. There are ways to protect yourself, and ways to move the unwanted energies out of an area, to release them back to spirit, out of harm’s way. For starters though, take a “feel” around and see if you can identify the different energies with which you interact throughout a day. You may be surprised to discover how much they may be affecting your life.


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