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Lately, I’ve been getting messages (lots of messages, in various forms) that it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to fly… to soar… to remove the tethers binding us to the physical plane of illusion that is all too real for so many of us. It is time to reclaim our more natural state of energy, of spirit, of goodness. It is time for the natural (re-)evolution of Spirit – a return to truth.

This message/sentiment/thought/belief/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, although it certainly has a personal application, is really meant for all of humanity. It is time for all humanity to evolve, time for us to transcend this “typically human” existence to something beyond. It is time to take the next step towards our truer selves.

To do this requires a “leap of faith” of sorts. Metaphysically and spiritually speaking, this means acknowledging (on that deep-seated level of human ego) that certain fetters have already been broken, and that instead of holding on to them out of habit and some human sense of comfort, it is time to let them go. Humanity as a whole has evolved beyond what we see around us – beyond the hatred, the competition and conflict of ego, beyond arbitrary borders and politics and manipulations – beyond the physical. It is time to let these “physical habits” go once and for all, trusting that the strength and knowledge needed for the next step is already there, waiting for us.

It is with the more spiritually sensitive that the initial examples must be set, the journey begun, the path trodden. With each of us who take this step, each of us who transcend, we bring with us a little more of the world. It is time for all humanity to gather under one banner… a banner of truth, of peace, of love, of compassion. To you, I raise this banner and hope you will join me, in whatever way and to whatever extent, you can!


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  1. moira says:

    I’ve just discovered this site and a real kindred spirit. Everything I have read so far resonates, especially about the quickening energy of this autumn. Never before have I heard so many inner ‘yeses’ as I read.
    This year I have been releasing the last bits of the old me to come into the true me, and have been helped on the way with the loving Reiki energy, to the point where I am to embark on a clinical research project using Reiki. However, I have no labels, no connection to any particular school of belief or organisation, no God, just a knowing from a kundalini experience 2 sunspot cycles ago, which kick-started my journey of self-discovery.
    I feel things will reach greater extremes before we turn the corner: stress is predicted to be the predominant cause of ill health in the future, but to balance this, more mental health professionals are currently taking an interest in the role of spirituality in mental health treatment.
    Our attachment to the material world, which is causing our climate problems, is dependent on oil. As we pass peak oil production, those who waste it on status symbols will find themselves less respected. Hopefully, those who are ‘green’ in their actions and give service to their communities, will be afforded a higher status in the future. Then we can get back to living in the way we were always designed to – with the benefits of our intellectual development complementing our revitalised intuition-led lifestyles.
    At least, that’s what I hope will happen.
    Keep up your good work and I’ll do the best with mine.

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