Initial Flight

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Yesterday, I posted that it is time for humanity to take the next step towards our spiritual evolution. Welcome to part 2! *wink*

Metaphorically, flight has always intrigued mankind. For a long time, it was something for which to strive – it sparked our imaginations, our creativity, our bravery, inventiveness and ingenuity. And eventually, with the help of tools and machines, we gained the skies. Flight speaks of freedom, of ascent, of a breaking with the physical. It conjures images of angels and light, of strength and higher self. In many ways, it defies definition or description. But it exists nonetheless. And once more, it is time for humanity to reach for flight; this time however, the flight is of a not-so-physical sort.

So then what is nonphysical flight? It is the evolution of spirit beyond the illusions of the physical. It is a different understanding of our ties to the physical and a change in perspective of the physical itself. It is seeing things differently, having a more global perspective, and being a bit more objective about things so we can make better choices as a species. A soaring eagle sees much of the landscape and can choose its place to land among numerous possible perches; it is not hindered and preoccupied by the worm crawling over its foot. Like the eagle, it is more this perspective that we must gain and maintain. Instead of being overwhelmed by the traffic and ego and the little chaoses of the physical world, it is time to rise above, to gain a more global, objective view, to help each other, to raise humanity and the Earth herself to more our natural state of wholeness, of spirit.

It is moral and ethical behavior, based of compassion and love for our fellow sentient beings and for all nature. It is putting others first, ahead of our own egos and wants and desires. It is helping others, spreading the light, and leaving as few karmic footprints in our wake as we can. Our goal is to elevate -ourselves and others- so that the whole World can transcend the illusion of the physical and step towards these higher goals and higher vibrational levels. We are monkeys no more.

Within the realm of the physical, be nice to those around you, help those in true need. Genuinely put others first. Smile. Look to your higher system of beliefs for guidance and do the “right” thing, always. Sit down and meditate. Practice Mindfulness. Look within. Find the “little voice” of Spirit and listen to its guidance.

And should the center of your back begin to itch, it must be the wings beginning to unfold…

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