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So, for one reason or another, I’ve missed yoga for the last week, and now my body is screaming “Go to yoga! I feel all squished and crampy and … just not riiiight!”. So it’s back to yoga I go, hoping the remnants of a head cold don’t land me on my face in the middle of class during ‘tree’ pose or something. I’ve been getting used to Spirit yelling at me lately, and this new twist of having the body yell about missing a couple yoga classes is a bit of a shock. We get messages like this all the time, though -whether physical or metaphysical- and generally speaking, there’s some truth to what is being ‘said’. (Hint: If it’s your body yelling for junk food or you’re getting angry and frustrated at something, it’s probably not what you need to be doing… *wink*).

Over the ages, some ascetics have been pretty severe in their attempts to ignore or deny or overcome the body’s hold on their spiritual pursuits, and although the body is just a shell connecting us to the physical realm of illusion, offering us many, many distractions from spiritual practice, the body is part of our experience here. As such, it is important to take care of it, just as we take care of non-physical aspects of ourselves. At the very least, by attending to the body we may stave off some disease and degeneration often attributed to age, allowing us in turn to pursue spiritual practice for a longer period of time in our lifetime. And sometimes, just sometimes, if we take care of the physical, we may gain insights to some of the less physical aspects of our life experience. Maybe. Or perhaps, by taking care of the physical, certain obstacles and distractions are removed from our Path and we can ascend higher, faster, without the physical weighing us down – literally, in a metaphysical sense.

The physical body holds an energetic vibration (as do other parts of our Being), and if we can cleanse it a bit by taking care of it properly, mindfully, it is possible to raise our entire vibration. The more we raise our vibration, the more we… errm… raise our vibration – and with that, we can help ourselves, help humanity, and soar with the Eagles…


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