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I probably gained 10 pounds over the weekend. Yep, 10… well ok, maybe it was more like 3… and it’s not the kind of weight you’re likely thinking of, but it surprises me every time it happens – even though I really should know better by now. What’s more, I bet it happens to some of you too! Any guesses? Yes, that’s right! – I went to the metaphysical bookstore. And came out with 2 more books to read (I’m already reading something like 5!) and three more rocks to join the assortment of others that end up stuffed in various pockets at some point during the day (I need a better belt!). Sound familiar?

I love the local metaphysics shop, though. I love it, because … well, it’s metaphysics. It feels good when I walk in there. The owners are nice. I can talk to them about stuff that some of my other acquaintances would simply smile, nod and then try to drag me off for psychological evaluation. The books on the shelves are of actual interest and are immediately available, instead of having to first run the “gauntlet of dribble” in most other shops just to get to the section allocated for such topics as religion, spirituality, meditation, energy healing, and reincarnation. They have classes and incense and gems and books and t-shirts and all kinds of things of interest. And inevitably, something finds its way to my hand that just doesn’t want to leave. It’s like metaphysical super-glue!

But why do we find ourselves drawn to certain objects, places, or people? And why, on one day, a specific item doesn’t seem to have any sway over us while on another day the pull is so strong that to not take the item out of the shop with us is unthinkable?

The answer is really quite simple; We need that item, and the energy or vibration it emits, right then. Often we don’t quite consciously understand or acknowledge the nature of these pulls, but the Divine spiritual part of us knows, and puts exactly what we need in front of us to find when we need to find it (with more than just books and crystals by the way). Sometimes, I’ve barely read the synopsis on the back cover of a book and don’t have a clue as to the characteristics of a certain gem that has found its way to my hand before finding that they are in a cute little bag, about to come home. But sure enough, when I read the book, or research the properties of the crystal, it is perfectly attuned to some part of my self-development that I’ve been trying to develop, have been pondering and trying to come to terms with, have recently dreamed about, or is applicable in some other very direct way. It’s as if Spirit is saying “So you have the question… now here’s the answer!” (or a hint toward the answer). It’s kinda cool. Ok, it’s very cool. But don’t forget – we are truly beings of energy and light, with more “intelligence” than we often acknowledge. And when that super-glue kicks in, it’s another aspect of our being telling us it’s time to pay attention to a certain aspect of our higher development. And oh by the way, this rock may just help!



  1. Dreama says:

    You’re right! It the same way with certain people. Have you ever had a friend or relative that you haven’t heard from in a long while all suddenly enter your mind? You know you have to talk to them. Something just doesn’t feel right. So, you pick up the phone, and when you get get in touch with them you realize sure enough, they are going through some sort of a crisis, or life event. I think we sense these sort of things on a level we may never understand. It’s obvious however, just as you’ve stated that we are beings of energy, and sometimes we don’t even know what it is we need, but our energy leads us in the right direction without our help…or understanding. I guess we just need to learn to relax and “trust our gut”. Difficult thing to do in this world of technology & over analyzing.

  2. Barbara says:

    I think the same applies with people you’ve never met. I mean, why is it we feel inexplicably drawn to some, and repulsed by others? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said to my husband “I really like/ don’t like that person. I got good/ bad vibes off them.” It’s the basic act of one energy seeking out other energies which will allow it to grow and become stronger [i]as a greater, unified energy[/i]. But as we join together, the unified energy transforms into something new. This might explain why we sometimes lose touch with friends who used to be dear to us. Don’t mourn the loss, but rather rejoice in their remaking. After all, just like you, it’s where they should be. 🙂

  3. OneMysticalMonkey says:

    Yes. There is energy surrounding all of us and all of the Earth. We are all intertwined, all part of the same Whole. Our Spiritual side often sees what we can not, or refuse to see, physically. And since we are all expressions of the One Divine Nature, we individual expressions of that One have a consciousness which transcends physical time & space, allowing us to sense that long lost friend who now needs some attention and support, for example.

    The same is true for our immediate “instinctive reactions” to people we’ve never met or know only casually. It is our Spiritual self which acknowledges their Spiritual self and sees their energetic levels for what they are, and if you are aware of it, sends that “gut feeling” to us.

    I have also heard that these kinds of reactions to friends/lovers/strangers can be attributed to karma (i.e.: somebody hurt you in the past, and your immediate reaction to them in this life is to recoil; you’ve had a close, loving relationship with somebody else and are in a relationship with them this time too), but I can’t verify that personally right now.

    Thank you both for posting your thoughts on this!

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