Edging forward

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“You leave no footprints when you fly”

– One Mystical Monkey

Like a newly hatched bird looking over the nest’s edge, there comes a time to just take the leap and try the wings with which we are born. The time to do that is now. And by so doing, we show others how to take wing themselves…


Photo courtesy of GeekPhilosopher.com

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  1. Dreama says:

    It’s a difficult thing to do. To realize that the ego is the root of self pity, and problems. To lift your wings & fly is certainly what we all wish to do. However, it’s so much easier to worry about ones self. To put off the letting go. To uplift yourself, forget about your woes, and moves FORWARD, UPWARD & grow to what we know we can be if we just get past our hangups. It takes true faith in yourself to do so. It takes true faith to believe you can get past it all.

  2. Nancy says:

    Very nice 🙂 I like that…

    but then sometimes you have to trust in the Creator, close your eyes and Jump! lol

    Those wings kick in quite naturally! 🙂


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