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Ok, so I’m a couple days late to participate in the coordinated meditation for this, but there is much yet to come. This is part of the ‘greater work’ for humanity that I’ve been sensing, seeing, and referencing on this blog for months now. This is part of humanity’s evolution…

“As we move into the new vibrational time we are defining what kind of world we desire to be our final outcome in 2012. The energy we are transmitting at the time of this great energy transition will define the new time to come. What kind of humanity and earth do we want to present to the universe. Who do we consciously intend to be for the new time? This will be the first time in our human evolution where we will consciously choose our path. So no matter what method you choose to use or who you choose to sit with; the ultimate defining moment for each of us during this process is, are we holding love and optimism in our hearts as this cosmic event facilitates our vibrational lift.”
-Shelley, Fire the Grid

Please take some time to read through the web site, reflect on your joys and love, and declare your intent to help. We need to touch as many beings as we can with this effort to make the necessary changes, to spin humankind out of a downward spiral and into the light, evolving to a new consciousness. This is our future. This is our Now. Our Reality is what we make it…

Please help to FIRE THE GRID.


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  1. Barbara says:

    I looked through the site briefly… so much of it vibrated strongly with me! Thank you so much for posting the link! *Love*

  2. […] a little too late to blog about it and share the information with others in time to participate (blog entry). This time, the timing is a bit better, and the importance of this event at least as strong as it […]

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