Letting Go, Going on…

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As we grow and evolve emotionally and spiritually, we often encounter times on the Path -crossroads, if you will- where it is simply time to let go of old habits and embrace new perspectives so that we may continue to grow. But our habits and our ego can be sneaky… they come out at odd times and in subtle ways. And sometimes letting go and going on is not an easy thing for us to do. Habits of body, mind and emotion, ego (in the form of selfish wants and often disguised as “needs”), and cynicism about the world in which we live or in ourselves to make the necessary changes often halt our progress. But this hesitation, although part of the human condition, need not be more than a temporary stopping point on the pathway to personal growth. We do not need to subscribe to what may seem “overwhelming odds” or the “manifestations of the majority”. We are free to make our own choices, our own decisions, free to come to our own conclusions, and free to choose our own realities. All this is part of the growth process, and if we recognize it as such, we may then re-evaluate our beliefs, our habits, and make conscious decisions to take the next steps (or not) in our evolution, in our existence.

So, as so often is the case, once more we find ourselves in a position of seeking insight, to listening to our hearts and our little voices (Guides), and making a decision: hold on to our old thoughts and habits and stagnate, or let these things go to embrace new, higher-vibrational thoughts, visions, and actions. To embrace the change towards light, we need a little faith in ourselves, in the dynamics of the larger whole, and belief in the idea that we are where we need to be – for whatever reasons which may be eluding us at the moment. Faith. Belief. Trust. Acceptance. Whatever you want to call it, having it is often the key to that little bit of bravery which allows us to step into what is currently unknown. Once there, if we look back, we often wonder “why did I hesitate?” or “I can’t believe I did/believed/felt that“. And even those experiences, if we look at them, may provide some courage to take the next step, consciously, intentionally, willingly.

So… Courage? Intent? Belief? Yes.

Courage to evaluate our condition for what it is, to entertain thoughts, ideas, concepts, and beliefs with which we may not have been raised. Courage to let go of old habits which may hold us back. Courage do the right thing, courage to grow, courage to change ourselves and our world. Courage to face the idea of Change. Courage to believe. Courage, because doing any of these things is so very frightening for so many of us to do.

Belief. Belief that there is something beyond the house, the car, the kids, the co-worker who seems to have it out for you, and the boss who seems to chide you at every turn. Belief that we are Spirit with a body put on this planet to learn, to grow, to help, to love, to evolve, to Be. Belief in the inherent goodness of humanity. Belief that the World is changing for the better, and belief that we can help speed the process by helping ourselves, by helping our friends, our neighbors, our family. Belief in our role in the world, and belief in our more spiritual nature. Belief in our own power to change.

And intent. True intent is one of the keys to the universe, to life, to Spirit. Intent is a manifestation of the mind and of our spirit. With our intent, we create our realities. Subtle skeptical undertones of intent often undermine the strength of it, so yes, intent: Intent to identify our true intent, to create a better world. Intent, and determination, to help, to love, to grow, to heal. Intent to evolve and to intent to take the world with us as we grow…

… and heart, always heart, for without heart -love, compassion, understanding- none of it matters, and this evolution is, after all, an evolution of the heart.

Love, Peace & Light.


  1. Jackal says:

    Thought provoking ans timely post as I am at that crossroads about to ‘let go’.

    Why does it have to be so painful?

  2. OneMysticalMonkey says:

    Painful and difficult in some contexts, yes. But ego and habit are often intertwined, and they tend not to work towards our true best interests. Take heart, find the courage to make the right decisions for whichever crossroads you find yourself facing. Best of luck, Jackal.

    Thank you for visiting, and for your comments.

    Peace. Love. Light. Hope.

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