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We are all on the Path towards spiritual transformation. Humans are facing the next stage of our evolution, towards a more gentle, enlightened, light- and love-oriented society. Instead of subscribing to the delusions of ego that we are separated from each other and separated from the larger Natural order of things, we are coming to recognize that humans, although gifted in many respects, are not superior to other species nor are we masters of our planet simply because we have opposable thumbs. We are beginning to realize that we are a piece of the whole planetary ecosystem, and instead of destroying it we can work in harmony with it. To realize our true potential will take diligence, faith, patience and compassion, but it can be done; it is being done. To choose to actively participate or not is, I believe, a matter of calling and perhaps of karma, but regardless of how aware of these evolutionary changes we may consciously be, they are happening around us and to us, affecting all of us in positive ways we -and our planet- haven’t seen in quite some time.

We are currently redefining what it means to be truly, honestly civilized. It is a big step, for this call to a new civilization goes far beyond our ability to build houses and cars and machines that play a large part in the destruction of the Earth and of each other. It is a reforming of civilization to one in which we work in harmony with all parts of nature, based out of compassion and respect and universal, unconditional love – for ourselves, for each other, for our Planet, for all of Nature. It is a recognition of One, in which we recognize the interconnectedness of all life and where we hold that sacred – instead of trying to control it out of ego and fear of our own mortality. For if we are truly One (which we are), then there is no mortality; we go on indefinitely, in many forms. If we are truly One, there is no linear time; we are past, present, future, we are all at once. If we are truly One, there is no separation from Spirit, from Nature, from each other; we are the child down the street, the mass-murderer in jail, we are Buddha, we are you, you are us, we are each other, we are ONE.

“See yourself in others.
Then whom can you hurt?
What harm can you do?”
– The Dhammapada, “Violence”

Ironic how we now return to the philosophies and beliefs that some of the oldest cultures hold so dear. But it is within the ‘old’, and within ourselves, that we find new hope, new inspiration, new meaning… to help us transcend out of the dark, and towards the light. Yin, and Yang… dark and light… the cycle of life, of development, of evolution… each time we reach a little further to the light, leaving a little more of the dark behind, and thus we learn, we grow, we evolve… to what we are meant to be.

Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us. We are one large family.
– Native American Code of Ethics

“Follow your own footsteps.
Learn from the rivers,
the trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ,
the Buddha,
your brothers and sisters.
Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and all of creation.”

“Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential”
– Andean Shamanic Teaching


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