Growth Spurt

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For a good part of the day, I’ve been thinking of topics about which to write and reviewing the rather extensive list of things that are currently half-written, trying to determine whether (and how) to finish any of them to post… and for some reason, none of them seem appropriate. So this is a bit of an experiment (yes, another one) -a blog entry without any particular concept or idea in mind as I start typing. I’ll post it when it seems “done” and we’ll just have to see what happens!

One thing that did occur to me while pondering my posting dilemma, was that there are a lot of changes in the air these days -much more than even the last few months. Some individuals seem to be experiencing dramatic chaos and upheaval, others are on the brink of major personal growth, others are extending themselves to reach out and help others on personal levels they’ve not thought possible, still others are prompting environmental and social activism on World-wide levels. There is a lot of activity and a whole lot of energy floating around these days. And this means that there is a lot of change going on too. Old belief systems are being shattered, limitations are being erased and the definition of our reality is being redefined – the old paradigms are being broken and scattered to the wind – they no longer apply. Last week, they may have, but not today. And it is about time, too.

Too long has the Earth suffered the consequence of our irresponsibilities. Too long have we maintained a selfish attitude, taking what we want, when we want it, regardless of the impact elsewhere. Our species is growing -finally- from what can only be described as those short-sighted and selfish teenage years into young adulthood. We still have a lot to learn and much more growing to do, but at least we now know that there is more to learn and that change is not only possible, but necessary. We are discovering that we can not rely on others to do the work for us, nor can we trust the amorphous ‘others’ to make decisions in our best personal interests, in the best interests of the planet or of our species. More and more, humanity (our whole species!) is concluding that we must do something other than what “has been” and that we must stand on our own feet in order to achieve our goals… And we even know that those goals are to heal ourselves and to heal our planet.

We are beginning to realize our interconnectedness and our own power to manifest the changes. It is a magical time to live and explore… a time to grow… great realizations, great tasks will be accomplished. The evolution of our planet is underway! Can you feel the energy? Can you see the changes? Are you contributing to it?

If you say “no” or ask “how”, I bid you to see with your eyes and listen with your ears, but to follow your heart in all things… to find the truth within yourself, find the path to help yourself, your family, your community, our species, our planet. It is within reach, it is within each of us to contribute, to connect, to help manifest a wholesome, healthy world. All is not lost. All is changing. Change is eternal. Will you be part of it?


Evolution to LightHealing & Wholeness

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