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How many of us live our daily lives surrounded by the constant motion and ceaseless chasing that seems to be such a necessity in this day and age? Whether running the kids to and from their activities, doing errands all across town, attending business meetings and dealing with interoffice politics, or any number of other things on a given day… how many of us take a moment to see a dinosaur in a cloud or look for the rainbow as a storm passes near? How often do we take a moment to breathe the fresh moist air or feel the sunshine on our skin? When did you last feel the grass with your bare feet, or the last time you even touched a tree or held a clump of rich soil in your hand? Chances are, it’s been a while.

Society -our numerous and varied cultures- over the last decades have moved away from the natural world in favor of the mechanical, artificial and scientific. This has left a rather gaping hole in humanity’s comprehension of the interconnectedness of all things. It has hindered (if not obliterated) our understanding of and appreciation for the ebb and flow of natural life. It has encouraged a more analytical and thought-oriented approach to living instead of living by and from the heart with love and compassion as the primary motivation for our words and deeds. But things are changing and we are once more becoming attuned to the compassionate, connected part of ourselves again. And that brings with it a return to Nature in all its wondrous aspects: soothing as well as frightening, humbling, encouraging, and awe-inspiring in every aspect. Still, sometimes, it seems we’re out of touch with the natural world.

Living in climate controlled houses and cars and offices, it’s easy to see why we would think we’re a bit out of touch with nature. Something we tend to forget is that even though surrounded by our technology, our machines and gizmos and gadgets, we are part of nature. Yes! We humans are just another expression of the natural world, connected in every way to all other expressions of nature. We are a natural force, really no different than the trees or the bees or the whale or the worm or the bug you just squished (ewwww!).

If we just appreciate life, appreciate ourselves, and live with our hearts, in the moment (or even if we don’t!), we are being true to our natural selves – connected and absolutely in touch with Nature. Of course, hugging a tree really helps to remind us too 😉


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