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How many of us have worked diligently on something – whether personal, business, or pleasure – only to have it be claimed at the last moment by some mysterious and seemingly malicious circumstance? A week’s worth of work disappears before your eyes when suddenly the computer reboots without saving your work… your beloved child tears through the newly cleaned house leaving a trail of mud and debris in their wake …a ceramic piece of which you’ve grown quite fond during its creation doesn’t make it out of the kiln in one piece… There are any number of times and situations where things like this happen. Are these kinds of things the fruit of karmic actions of the past? How far “past”?

Is this kind of opposition a last-ditch effort on the part of the physical realm to dissuade you from pursuing and accomplishing worthy goals or following the Path? Is it a sign to go forward, pushing through the opposition and accomplishing your intended goal anyway? An opportunity to redefine your intent and discipline?

Perhaps these kinds of oppositional forces are really “good in disguise”. Yes, you got pulled over for speeding and have a steep price to pay for the ticket, but maybe talking with the officer kept you off the road and out of the way when another driver made what could have been a fatal error had you been two miles up the road at the time…

Is it some kind of a lesson or reminder, prompting you with an opportunity from which to step out of your normal reactions to things, giving you a chance to change perspective and evaluate a situation from a different frame of mind (and emotion). Is it an opportunity to grow and evolve? Do you take it?

Our reality is defined by our individual perspectives. We tend to see things not as they actually exist, but through the filter of our ego and experience and desire. Fortunately for us, it is possible to change how we view the world, freeing ourselves from immediate ego-based reactions, alllowing us to see the world more objectively. Which perspective do you take? How do you choose to look at situations which seem, on the surface, “less than ideal”?


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