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Driven to evolve.
To find the Way,
Appearing at just the right time
and exactly the right place,
Meeting those things which match,
Which enhance and validate
and synchronize.

It is beyond “me”.
It is beyond “you”.
It is all of us.
It is all times,
All places,
All circumstance.

It is One.
It is Many.
It is Few.
It is All.
It is None.

It is Everything.
It is Nothing.
It is all of us.
It is none of us.
It is One.

We are One.


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We are all driven to walk the Path. Some find it and follow it deliberately and consciously. Some are drawn to it naturally, the effect of many lives treading the similar route. Others attempt to disregard it, dismiss it, or ‘prove’ it according to scientific means. But we are all drawn to it, regardless of our current beliefs. This Path is not one that can (yet) be proven sufficiently for the logical minds among us, nor is it something we can necessarily touch or taste or see – except for the acts that we accomplish while following our Path(s). It is the Path of the Heart, the Path of Love and Compassion and Understanding and Wholeness. The understanding that we are joined together as One reality, One entity, working together for the evolution of the Planet and for all BEings who live here, including ourselves (ourself).

Each of us walks the Path a little differently – some fast, some more slowly. Some may take leaping bounds and appear to end up miles ahead while others may take a detour or opt for a scenic route. But we all follow it at our own pace, and the Universe has a way of putting us exactly where we need to be, at exactly the right time, to learn the lessons we need to learn for our own ultimate evolution to the Light.

Have faith in the Light, in the Universe, in the essence of One. It is the Path of Love.


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