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“With our thoughts we make the world.”

– Buddha, The Dhammapada “Choices”

Physical reality begins… with a thought. All aspects of ourselves, of others, of the Earth, of everything… are manifestations of thought. The act of creation is the act of thought. A happy thought or a not-so-happy thought, a conscious thought or an unconscious one, thoughts create our realities.

In the physical realm (psychology), this often equates to a matter of perspective: what you think and believe about a situation is what you will see and feel and experience. In the realm of quantum physics, the definition of “reality” is a bit more hazy. It may very well be that by the act of observing a thing, we create or determine its very state of existence.

But observation is merely ego in disguise; the projection of our wants, desires, and/or expectations upon a thing -upon a reality- that is unidentified until we identify (observe) it. Is Schrödinger’s cat dead, alive, or both at once? Our perception of physical reality does not normally allow a thing to exist in two or more states at once. How do we know about the cat unless we open the box and look? But by the act of looking, we project our thought – our expectations of one state of existence upon the cat, creating the reality (or at least the reality that the cat is either dead or alive, but not both at once).

The act of observing is our attempt to identify, to label, to organize and control the phenomenal world with which we surround ourselves. It is itself a thought-form which creates physicality while serving to separate us from Ultimate Truth. Why can’t the cat exist in both states at once? Why can’t We exist in both states at once?

Metaphysically speaking, we can and we do exist in multiple states at once. Here, like with the realm of Quantum Physics, thoughts create the World. There are no true barriers, no true differentiations between ‘alive’ and ‘dead’, no differentiations between ‘human’ and ‘God’, no difference between ‘sick’ and ‘healthy’, ‘young’ and ‘old’ except what we decide -consciously or unconsciously- our reality to be.

So what is your reality today?


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