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It seems once more I’m in a period of (new) growth and transition… recently (or is that ‘currently’?) mired in the physical, it’s been difficult to find the time to meditate or to blog or, on occasion, even sleep. But being always on the move has provided an opportunity to experience the physical once more in a manner that only serves to emphasize the cyclical nature of spirit-to-physical and back to spirit again. And, I’m beginning to realize that it is part of my particular Path to tread between the two… at least for now.

Beyond just the latest reminder of things coming in cycles, this particular cycle has provided much fodder for contemplation about my specific role in this realm individually, as well as how that role relates to the Planet as we all continue on the evolutionary Pathway. Spirit has been unusually quiet on the matter – either intentionally leaving it unspoken or perhaps I have simply been too busy to hear… and so, the process of discovery continues to unfold.

Searching for meaning in or for our lives is something many grapple with from time to time. There are many routes from which to choose and many levels of meaning to decipher. Personal environments, experiences, and belief systems influence much of this drive, process and definition. But it’s ironic that the process of self-discovery is as complicated as we humans often make it out to be. “Self-Discovery” implies a duality -a separation of humanity from Spirit- which simply does not exist. If we can only truly realize the non-dual nature of “who we are”, the questions, the process, the anxiety of not knowing all go away…

But we chose to be where we are, and on this plane it is our ego that attempts to define our role, to determine and compare our relative importance. It is ego which once more strives to separate us from the reality of Unity. Even those of us who realize the truth of “One-ness” on some levels still feel compelled to realize that Truth on other levels. And so we join the fray of trying to understand our role here and to answer the question “Who are we?”… for it is by asking questions that answers are often discovered.

Is it an ego secure in its own existence that can withstand these questions… ego’s dissolution being a potential end result of the questioning… or lifetimes of asking the questions which has finally tamed the merest aspect of ego, in turn permitting us to go forward with yet more questions?

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  1. DERICK says:

    this journey is truly an amazing one–moving from the darkness of obliviousness to the lightness of oneness. there are no set ways to progress as each journey is unique–there are always the dichotomies and of course the dualities–to some extent one has to embrace all until one finds that the dualities do not exist any more( one does not require them)
    there is a point where the energies are extremely taxing and then there is the state of knowingness and connectedness—it is not what one has to believe in—you just know it—this is the stage where the confusion takes a back seat and living in the moment is a possibility.
    take good care on your journey and know that the light is not at the end of the tunnel—it resides inside you.

  2. Thank you Derick, and yes, you have reiterated the points of that post precisely. It never ceases to amaze me just how many cycles we must process through before truly being able to embrace what is already there within us… wholeness, completeness, and unity.

    It is our choice to have incarnated on a plane where that separation exists. It is one of the lessons we have chosen to learn… although why we would choose to experience separateness is beyond my comprehension at the moment… 😉

    Thank you for visiting, for your insights, and encouragement. May we all rediscover the Light within our beings…

  3. Well spoken. My Spirit has been nourished by your words.

  4. Namaste, fellow Seeker. *bows*

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