Reiki Principles

Posted on October 3, 2007 By

Just for today Kyo dake wa

  • Don’t get angry Okoru na
  • Don’t worry Shinpai su na
  • Be grateful Kansha shite
  • Work hard Gyo wo hage me
  • Be kind to others Hito ni shinsetsu ni

I can not help but to laugh at myself and at how long it has taken to get these five principles posted! I was thinking of giving a brief explanation of Reiki, adding some personal experiences as a healer, maybe a little background on Reiki, or posting the principles as a nice graphic… but some days, it’s more important just to get the essence of a thing accomplished than to let one’s own ego and humanity obsess over the details. Like with Reiki itself, this is not about “me”, it is about Reiki itself. There is a blessing in here somewhere for at least one of you! More on Reiki will be posted another time. These principles can certainly stand on their own! Enjoy.

Namaste, laughing at myself and putting ego back where it belongs!

Healing & Wholeness

  1. Liara Covert says:

    You’re so right. It can be tempting to succomb to the ego’s wishes when we do better to put it in its place and recogize what really matters. This is always beyond the ego’s grasp.

  2. Hello Liara and welcome to the blog!

    Ego is pretty determined to get its way most of the time, and even the most diligent among us get trapped by its games once in a while. But, as long as we recognize it and its newest tricks, we can learn and go beyond succumbing to those tricks in the future. It is the Path that matters -the journey- and it is ripe with opportunities to learn.


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