Observational Twists

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“Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

After spending so much time delving into and evaluating the Inner world, I’m suddenly drawn to looking at the Outer one once more. This shift in attention is partly due to the changes being wrought in the physical World and the dissolution of the artificial boundary between the inner and outer realms. It is time to make changes in the way we do things and the way we interact with each other. And these changes are happening. As a whole, we are shifting -evolving- to a more responsible, compassionate and sympathetic species.

But as I observe these happenings -this evolution- I am amazed at where and how resistance to these changes is occurring and which paradigms are the last to be shaken and torn down. There seems to be a certain polarization happening during this transition; People are becoming either more active in and aware of their environments and interactions with each other, or sinking even further into the prescribed, lethargic status quo of our societies.

More and more, as I look at cultural phenomena with a more critical eye, there is a certain compulsion to write what are probably less-than-entirely-uplifting articles. This disturbed me for a while as I wrestled with whether topics of this nature are relevant to a blog whose intent is to help share the Light. But much of what brings the Light is gaining awareness of and the ability to remove ourselves from direct sway of those influences which surround and influence (often without our conscious awareness). It is important to look objectively at our world, to not make assumptions about “reality” and to observe and evaluate for ourselves what’s really going on… without the hype, the marketing, the public statements of intent from our cultures and corporations and media.

And it seems that stripping away some of the illusions woven by society and culture has been added (with new vigor) to my Path-work. Or perhaps, even with all the years of practicing Buddhism and Metaphysics, I’m finally losing some lingering naiveté and am looking at things that have never occurred to me to contemplate before recently…


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