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Ah… Hello and greetings, everyone! It is a bit odd to be writing after such a break from the blog-o-sphere, but Spirit has mandated a return, so here we are once more. I have already delayed far too long.

So what happened that the Monkey disappeared, and so suddenly? Well, I got caught up in the external world; the world of politics and biased media, and was overcome by the bombardment of rather short-sighted and depressing mainstream philosophies, ideologies and physicalities. I started rereading Brave New World, and realized that the fantasy world described therein is hitting far too close to home in our reality right now. This turned my thoughts towards politics and pharmaceuticals and agendas and the general chaos reigning over the physical world – bombings and destruction and threats world-wide.

The book is back on the bookshelf now, unfinished, and beyond reviewing headlines, little “news” is being read and the politicians can bicker amongst themselves all they wish – it is inconsequential when it comes right down to it. But in a world so overcome by fear and ego in its various forms, each jostling to assert its dominance over all else, it is all the more important to first look within for the guidance we as a people so desperately need. Should each of us actually be able to listen and act upon our hearts’ directions, the goodness ripples outward, eventually affecting all things in the World. And this is the message to which we must listen these days, for time is short, tempers shorter and Lightworkers world-wide must unite and stay true to their paths for the betterment of the world.

The world is changing, let us help guide it off the destructive path and towards evolution instead. Somewhere in this process lies my Path, and once more has the mantle been accepted to spread what messages of Light and Love I may be able. It is good to be back.

Namaste, my friends… namaste.

Monkey business

  1. Trish Scott says:

    Welcome back OMM! Missed you.

  2. Thank you, my friend. It is good to be back!

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