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We’ve all heard about the European Union which was brought into existence in 1993 and is currently composed of 27 states (countries). It has its own currency and economic policies, as well as having in place political and legal agencies capable of making decisions binding to all the members of the Union (and often to the detriment of the individual countries or citizenry involved in the EU). But how much have we heard about the North American Union (NAU)? Perhaps a whisper here, a rumor there. A bit of denial somewhere else.

There has been, on the whole, no press coverage, no real information given to the populace about the likelihood of a North American Union occurring. Yet, despite denial of such by the governing agencies, there appears to be a coin already minted for use by a North American Union and the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America‘ has been in existence for years now – since 2005, per their own web site (and it is entirely possible that it has been around in one form or another for longer than that). Despite claims on their own web site that “The SPP in no way, shape or form considers the creation of a European Union-like structure or a common currency.”, don’t you think it a bit odd that they are negotiating the same kinds of things that would facilitate the official announcement of such an entity?

Doesn’t this strike you as a bit strange?

We’ve been told that our (US) government has had meetings and conversations with Canada and Mexico concerning border control and security issues. We know that since September 11 2001, security of the United States has been in the media spotlight and we know that some rather large steps have been taken to inhibit US Citizens from traveling freely and at will under the guise of “heightened security measures”. Our president, if you care to remember such details, has vacillated widely over the years on policy concerning immigration, and laws have recently been passed granting illegal immigrants a certain legitimate status within the US – the illegalities of their arrival here suddenly pardoned. So… on the one hand we’ve allowed ourselves to become limited in our own free travel under the guise of increased “National Security” while on the other hand we’re pardoning those who have immigrated illegally AND we’re discussing open-doors policy between the countries on the North American continent… but we’re concerned about border and security issues?

Don’t these things contradict each other? Do these contradictory attitudes and political measures make sense to you?

So what’s the objective here? What’s the plan? It seems that we’re “smudging the continental borders” while also limiting our own freedoms. In the meantime, our economy waivers, the US Dollar weakens, prices are climbing steadily, families hold more debt than ever before, and if you can decipher what our government is saying “between the lines” of the biased media hype of their superficial attempts to “strengthen” the economy (so that we fall harder and faster when it’s all said and done), tougher times are ahead for all… Is it possible, a few years from now when Americans are sufficiently beaten by financial burdens and tired of being on the bottom of the world market that we’ll be ready to embrace a new union and a new currency… a Union handed to us (the details of which are conveniently already worked out) under the guise of “hope for change”? Need another perspective (link: “Debut of the ‘amero'” by Judi McLeod ) or two (link: “Jerome R. Corsi –
North American Union to Replace USA?”
) on the changes being thrust upon us in secret?

What are the implications? What are the ramifications? What are the legalities and how does this work with our Constitution and sovereignty as a Nation? Why does the United States need another Union of this sort… isn’t this essentially what the United States was originally envisioned to be by our forefathers? To what end does all this serve? Is this in our best interests as a country? … as a species?

Why haven’t we heard about this, and when will we??

Why the secrecy?

What will our options be? What are our options now?



Don’t be quiet about this. THINK about it. Research it. It’s not only 2 + 2 that equals 4… sometimes it’s 1 + 1 + 1 + 1… and sometimes, unfortunately, it adds up to a whole lot more than 4…

Love and Light. Namaste.

Rabbit (W)Hole

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