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… Change of Pace
……. Change
………… or No Change?

Several comments have been made to me recently about the apparent change of direction for this blog, and it is something I’ve wrestled with for a while. Yes, many of my more recent posts have had a political slant to them which is highly unusual for OneMysticalMonkey. But is this really a change of pace or a change of heart for the content of OMM? … Is it a change at all?

As spiritual beings, we are drawn to follow the Path to greater insight and knowledge both of ourselves and of the world around us. We are drawn to “reconnect” with Nature, with Each Other, with the Great Spirit (Nirvana/Heaven/God/etc.). But this process of spiritual self-awareness and growth should also include the physical. To be balanced and whole in this world, we can not hide away in our meditations -for that will get us only so far, developmentally. The time for extended retreats and Monastic Life are, for the most part, behind us. The world is changing. It has been changing. In fact, the only constant in the world is Change itself. If we truly strive for insight, knowledge, wisdom and awareness, we must include a knowledge of the physical world in addition to the spiritual one. It is a matter of balance, of completion, of Yin and Yang, Dark and Light, and the circle the two seemingly opposite forces create when balanced against each other.

On another level, the whole vibration our Earth is changing. Mankind, through greed and selfishness has poisoned Mother Earth, destroyed ecosystems, caused multiple harms to the species of the planet (our own included) and wreaked havoc world-wide. The good news amid this mess is that the tide for this destructive behavior is changing. More people are waking up from lethargic and mind-numbing habits; we are becoming Aware. But the “old regime”, the old paradigm of behavior still fights and still holds a certain power and influence over much of our planet and species. And so politics, as a strongly influential force on our physicality, is added to the list of things to question, evaluate, dissect, investigate, and re-arrange. Too long now have we succumbed, encouraged to live in a stupor, blindly trusting the government to make decisions for us, believing the marketing and hype and scare-tactics employed by that agency (and those supporting it) to convince us that the decisions made are in our best interests.

Although I’m sure that to somebody “out there” the slow and constant poisoning of our food and bodies, and the steadfast removal of our inalienable Rights as individuals makes sense for the “safety and welfare of the greater whole”, but look at what’s going on around you! Remember back (or research) to how things worked 40, 20 (even 10!) years ago. People, over this very short period of time, have changed. Instead of accepting personal responsibility for their role and well-being in life, there are many who appear to prefer to sit back and accept -to expect, to demand– that somebody else take care of them. Self-responsibility is gone. A sense of entitlement has replaced it. Instead of being able to do whatever you want to do in life, the best many can hope for is to become a mere cog in a corporate machine. Instead of founding companies and inventing things for the betterment of mankind -instead of seizing life and living it- we have become meek and passive; downtrodden, controllable. What has changed within the last few decades for such a switch in attitude to occur? Who benefits from such changes?

Part of our Path is the constant evaluation of everything. With our internal work if a modality no longer fits, we change it, thereby loosening the bonds of ego and craving and desire, eventually becoming free. It is time to apply this process to the external physical realm now as well. Many are awakening. The world is shifting. But the time to complete these changes is short and we must make the effort to evaluate on inner (spiritual) and outer (physical) levels in order to Evolve to the next, natural, level of Awareness and Awakening.

We are One.
We are Spirit in physical form.
To neglect one is to neglect the other.
To ignore one is to ignore the other.
It is with both Dark and Light that a balance is brought
and within that balance, Enlightenment found.
Our time is Now.
Become what you are meant to be.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in,
– OMM.


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