Presidential ’08s?

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With a presidential election underway now in the United States, there’s been a whole lot of talk, debate, accusations, implications, assumptions, coercion, and wrangling of all sorts going on lately. But who are you going to pick? Obama? McCain? Has a third party choice even entered your field of awareness?

Both Obama and McCain are very much the same when it gets right down to it – neither of them is addressing the actual issues that are affecting our country (and the world), and both of them want to take money from one group of people only to give it to government agencies which in turn will dole it out to another subset of our population.

This is socialism, a philosophy to which rookie senator Obama subscribes whole-heartedly. What else is this “redistribution of wealth” that he keeps mentioning if it’s not Socialism? What is the cut-off for people who “make more money than the guy behind you” – 100k/annually? 50k/year? 20k? He doesn’t say. And he won’t. Why would a politician make an actual decision or be held responsible for something? But he’s all for bigger government and more governmental controls, and less individual freedoms. He tries to justify it as “fairness” to everyone who lives in the US, but is it fair to forcibly take what is earned by one to give it to another?

At what point did the US transition from Freedom and Independence and Capitalism to Socialism? This isn’t a viable solution to anything – it’s a sleight of hand economic trick, the likes of which will have “Joe Average American” with less money in their pockets with which to buy food and gas, or to pay their bills, while also paying more taxes. I won’t even comment on the recent passing of the “Bailout Bill” other than to say that was one of the worst possible decisions for our economy that the government could have possibly made.

Getting back to the candidates though, McCain has already said he’ll work with the Democratic-party majority in the Houses, so he’ll become a Socialist by his actions if he isn’t already one in philosophy. Palin, another political novice, scares me to no end. Beyond a lesson here in “letting go” and “living faithfully in spirit”, I don’t even know where else to go to comment on this pairing of “hopefuls”.

They are two sides of the same coin, and neither supports the Constitution or seems to believe in individual rights. McCain and Obama have other things in common too – among them, their financial backers. Yes, really. Look at the people financing both of these candidates – the list is very much the same. So no matter which of these two may win the election, they will be indebted to the same handful of people with the over-large purses. What is the implication of this? It can’t be good, no matter how you look at it. If either of these two “Presidential hopefuls” wins the White House in the next day or so, the US will no longer the home of the free and brave, it will become the home of the desolate and the controlled, and the newest base of Socialism in the world.

So what’s the alternative? What do we do? Well, despite the media’s attempt to make us believe otherwise, there are more than two candidates running for President of the United States… some of them (like Libertarian candidate Bob Barr) even support the Constitution, and believe in the rights and responsibilities of the individual! Just because the media refuses to give the 3rd party candidates any time or attention, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And just because the media is trying to convince us that a third party candidate doesn’t have a chance of winning, doesn’t make it reality unless we believe the propaganda! If enough of us stand up and vote for the person who is BEST for this Country, not just ‘one of the two’, we may actually prove that Democracy does still work.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Not voting does nothing. It’s not a protest. It’s just avoiding responsibility and abdicating your rights.

If you don’t like either of the two forerunners, voice your discontent and vote for a third party candidate instead.

Vote intelligently, and vote to protect the rights and freedoms the Constitution grants us.

In order for Democracy to work, we must participate.


And no matter the outcome, it’s all still part of the cycle.
Light, Love and Peace.
Vote Responsibly.


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