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In my last post, I stated that the U.S. Federal Government seems to see itself as some kind of babysitter for all mankind. What I didn’t mention was that in order to secure this role for current and future generations, it is currently quite busy making power grabs in just about all aspects of our lives – private industry, banking, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and much, much more. Some of the spin the mass media (government propaganda) outlets are putting on these “advancements” (a.k.a. power grabs and attacks on individual freedoms) may sound pretty good… at least until you start actually thinking about them and doing the real, independent research into the policies that are actually being written – and passed!

Nothing, when the government is involved, is as simple or as forth-right as they would like us all to believe, and in such a time of upheaval on so many levels, it is extremely important for us to do the research, to question everything, and to make sure we still have the Rights, granted in that charter of charters the Constitution, to make our own choices. It is no longer a thing to be taken for granted, as our rights and the strength of this founding document are being steadily and intentionally eroded with each passing day.

One thing to keep in mind as we ride this roller coaster is that this “big brother” or “perpetual parenting” role the government is cutting out for itself is a self-appointed one, engineered by those desiring unchallenged, unending power, and enabled by those who have been conditioned not to think for themselves or challenge authority. It is a totalitarian state that is now coming to fruition, against the better, critical and discerning judgment of those who do choose to think for themselves and question everything. It has gotten beyond extreme when the President of the U.S. fires the heads of private industry on trumped-up excuses of their company being “too big to fail”. Even those in the general populace who think they want such “security” from the government (such as a nationalized automotive industry) are starting to realize that what is being promised is nothing but illusion and that what the government is doing far exceeds their lawful charter, right, or the desires of much of the populace.

We are fast becoming a Socialist society – against our Constitution and against majority desire.

Ironically, one of the potential side-effects (ideals) of a socialist/totalitarian society is one where all beings work for the betterment of all; where money and physical possessions are not the highest mark of individual achievement. So do the Means (government dictated and enforced lifestyle) justify the Ends? No. The problem with a Socialist, Federal Government approach is that if we reach this “utopia” by the means currently underway, we will be a dependent species, always grovelling and expecting somebody -or something (the federal government/elite few leaders)- to “take care of us”. We will not be free; we will be slaves to laws, regulations and the fear of breaking them. Our actions and society will be “utopian” only on an extremely superficial level and only because of the fear of persecution. It will not be a genuine utopia. So do the Means justify the Ends? I think not.

So then the question is whether or not mankind can reach a society where we work more communally, where sincere caring for our neighbors, neighborhoods, and world, are inherent in our daily lives? Yes, we can… and we will as part of our Evolution to Light – IF we are permitted (by those currently holding the political reins) to evolve naturally, in and through the Light. To be forced to live in any specific manner under laws and through fear -as such the path our current worldwide leadership are pursuing- is the removal of individual choice and freedoms, the lack of individual responsibility, the omission of sincerity and compassion and Humanity, abandonment of Truth and Light, the removal of our ability to act, and amounts to little more than slavery – a slavery of fear. The ends (of a ‘utopian society’) do not justify the means (of fear and micromanaged control) in this case and they never will. Even though the outward appearance of life may seem the same, regardless of the path taken to achieve it, it is anything but- One is true evolution and true Utopia; The other is slavery.

Which would you prefer – to reach Utopia through CHOICE or by COERCION? Choose, and then act accordingly.

Namaste, in the Light… always, in the Light,

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