Manifesting Utopia: Thinking it Through

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Many of us envision -or have visioned- a “perfect” world, where society works smoothly and harmoniously with Nature and with all of mankind, where no gender or racial or social differences impact the quality of any of our lives. We envision a world without fear, coercion, inequality, hatred, violence, hunger, sickness, indifference, or any other human ailment… We envision a world lived in and through the Heart, in Love, and in Light – for all.

Such a world is possible. It is possible now, and we have, in fact, started the process of manifesting it into reality, taking advantage of the increased frequency and strength of energy cycles encompassing the Earth. The energy to make substantial changes towards our true evolution is really available right now. We have the ability to manifest Utopia. Some of us are -and have been- working towards accomplishing just this. Yesterday’s Fire the Grid event was part of that, and many of us are meeting regularly, joining our individual Lights with others to increase the Light being shared throughout the world.

But how many of us have given true thought to how this Utopian reality is going to manifest? How many of us have given any thought to the details of this Utopian existence which we are hoping to bring about? Isn’t this something we should be considering as we go about joining our Lights with others to manifest the New World we see in our minds and feel in the depths of our beings?

So what does our Utopia really look like? How does it work? Are all beings free from violence and fear and governing laws? Do we follow only the laws of Love and Compassion and Light of our own highest spiritual guidance -without the intervention of human laws and legalities? Is this Utopia a society of independence and personal responsibility, according to these highest laws, or is there some governmental force in place that enforces the lifestyle upon us? How does each individual earn their own keep? How is hard work to produce crops, for example, rewarded? How are these crops divided up amongst the population? What of those individuals who are incapable of working for one reason or another – How do they earn their livelihood?

No matter our spiritual evolution, we still have our physicality with which to contend.

If our New Reality is one that is forced upon the masses through man’s laws and legalities and egos and agendas, it would not be the idyllic society many of us envision during our Light Gatherings, but would be an extension of the current dichotomy of fear and inequity. It would be a society where members of the populace are driven by fear (of persecution), rather than through their higher principles, and governed by an elite few who believe that they, somehow, are in a position to govern the masses better than the masses can govern themselves. This is a contradiction in beliefs and the world would be only a shallow mimicry of Utopia.

However, if our Utopia is gained through individual responsibility, through true Love, and Light, through Goodness and Compassion and Helpfulness, without artificial legalities influencing our decisions and our world, then it will be a true Utopia – one we have earned, and one that we can sustain.

What of those people who seem determined to be personally irresponsible, those few who are truly violent or hateful as part of their soul’s journey? Aaaah – this is one of those deep-seated cultural and religious beliefs that tends to haunt even the most enlightened among us from time to time! Is this something you believe to be the case for humanity? Do you truly believe that humans are evil -or at least intrinsically flawed- on some innate level? If so, then do you believe that we need some governing force -consisting of other humans, complete with those flaws– outside of ourselves to “encourage” socially-acceptable behavior by the masses? If so, then you are living with a contradiction of beliefs, and a true Utopia will not ever manifest. Until dichotomies such as this are resolved, we are not truly freed from them to help create a true, free Utopia of personal responsibility.

For our evolution to truly be Utopian, we must evolve there on our own, within and through the Light, based upon our own highest guiding spiritual principles and a sense of personal responsibility -not forced upon us by a few who deign to rule. To live based upon the highest spiritual values we each hold would be true social and cultural evolution. A Utopia driven by individual responsibility, guided by Light, in true Love for our fellow humans is the true Utopia.

Take a look around at our current physicality. Are we on the right Path for personal responsibility? Are we choosing Light and Love and Compassion as our goals as individuals? As societies? As a World? … Or is some shallow version of these values being thrust upon us by a few? What are the implications of the path we currently tread in the physical world? Where will this take us? Will we find ourselves accomplishing the sustainable, free Utopia we have earned with our Light, or will our current path instead lead to the artificial and shallow appearance of utopia, where people are only further bound by laws and regulations and controlled through fear?

Aren’t these the details we should be considering as we meet to manifest the next level of existence on Mother Earth?

Which of these scenarios would you like to manifest? What can you do to manifest it now, in Light and Love, and in the Physical? Perhaps we should consider these details during our manifesting gatherings …or we may just find ourselves in the shallow appearance of Utopia, instead of rising up in the Light to claim the “real thing”.

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