U.S. National Healthcare?

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National Healthcare is big on the media and Presidential coercion blitz circuit these days, but is it a good idea? In an idealistic world, perhaps, but although we are evolving every day, this is not an evolved place just yet. Instead, it is a world still riddled with politics and coercion and fear and manipulation and a sense of entitlement carried like a flag by those who seem to believe they are owed something simply because they live.

The Health Industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world right now. They have an exceedingly strong lobby in Washington (& other places of government) and for the most part, they get to write their own ticket, in favor, of course, of their own industry and businesses. For example, many vaccinations have been approved by the FDA for mass-marketing without adequate testing, granting a big profit for the manufacturer at the cost of the lives or well-being of a few human guinea-pigs. The artificial Swine Flu “pandemic” and forthcoming marketing campaign for forced vaccinations against H1N1 comes immediately to mind as a current (& historical: part 1 & part 2) example of the Health Industry gone wrong. But it is profit, not the well-being of the populace, that is the motivating force behind the health-care industry, and as such, these tactics shouldn’t be any surprise. It is standard practice to only treat the outward symptoms of a disease… treated with a handy pill (or pills). The underlying cause of the illness is rarely even attempted to be identified. This is not truly HEALTHcare, it is SICKcare.

For a National Healthcare Reform Bill to be considered, the entire Health Industry would first need to be razed and started anew, based on a system of actually HELPing people get HEALTHY instead of milking a system where they can gain the most profit by treating only the symptoms of the disease and by keeping people sick and addicted to various drugs and expensive, unreliable tests, etc. The entire industry would have to become independent of the currently highly biased media which routinely omits actual facts (or, in some cases, manufactures them out of “thin air”) from their “news” stories, hoping to get knee-jerk emotional and intellectually unquestioning responses from the masses (unfortunately, these tactics seem to be effective).

Beyond the fear and coercion techniques of an industry focused on keeping us sick instead of helping us get healthy, is also the entire concept of whether or not individuals should be told by government (or by anyone else) where and how to spend the money they made to support themselves and their families. This whole idea is oppressive, insolent and insulting, and a blatant violation of the Freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution of the U.S. Agendas like this are nothing more than slavery on all levels (economic, moral, emotional, and intellectual) for all those who submit to it (both those who are forced to support it as well as those who take advantage of it). It’s also called Socialism (or Communism, depending on the particular flavor).

So what about those people who supposedly CAN’T pay for their own health insurance? There are a lot of people who choose not to spend the money on healthcare. Some choose to spend it on other things, or there are those who simply choose not to play the lottery that is the insurance industry. And that is their choice. Like it or not, people make choices to live where and how they are living, they make the choice to buy whatever trinket and run up credit card debt, they make choices to poison their bodies with junk food, and they make the choice to abdicate responsibility for their own choices – just as they make the choice to NOT pay for health insurance. Of course, people also make the Choice to believe the propaganda put out by the government that federal healthcare is something they “deserve”, at the expense of the rest of the taxpayers. It’s just far easier for most people to deny ever having made these other choices and to demand that somebody else be made to take care of them than to be self-responsible and self-reliant for their own health.

Some people just seem to expect the “parental” Federal Government to take care of everything they want, instead of being self-reliant and taking care of themselves. The problem with this is that it forces everyone who IS taking care of themselves to also take care of those who Choose Not to do so for themselves. But “10% people have 90% wealth”, you say? Why is it this 10%’s responsibility to give more of their earnings to support others -by dictate of the Federal Government? Just because the 90% want it and the 10% happens to have earned it? According to this whole ‘Robin Hood’ logic, if somebody has something I want, I should be able to go out and just take it from them. However, this idea is considered to be THEFT, and is ILLEGAL. If I had to personally implement this mentality in the physical world, I would rather point a gun at people’s heads to get what they have earned and I have not… it’s a more honest approach!

To elaborate, by the logic of “they have it, but I want/need it”, if my neighbor chooses to drink excessively, chooses to drive himself home in a drunken stupor, and ends up wrapping himself around a tree after wrecking three other cars in the process, am I obligated (by mandate of the Federal Government) to pay for his wheelchair, or to meet his bail, or to compensate the family of the child he killed because he “needs it”? No, I’m not. So why should anyone else be obligated to pay for health services for somebody who makes poor nutritional decisions, doesn’t exercise and ends up with some disease that could be prevented if they had made other decisions than sitting around, smoking, eating pre-packaged and pre-made meals from the fast food chains, and doing other things that only encourage a state of personal sickness?

In a feeble attempt to control some of these kinds of situations, the Federal Government will have to enforce numerous regulations and rules and exceptions to care made to the Univeral Healthcare Program. This in turn will only drive up the individual out-of-pocket costs of healthcare for things NOT COVERED under the federal program. As it is, pre-existing conditions are already exempt from many of the private insurance coverages – what do you think is going to happen when it’s all Governmentally mandated? And no, private healthcare options won’t be available for very long if a Federal program is implemented. The Federal program would be, of course, subsidized by additional taxes which we average citizens will have to pay, and of course all the businesses -who are required by law to carry health insurance for their employees- are going to opt for the cheaper way to meet this Federally-mandated requirement, so they’ll offer the federal program to their employees. Independent health insurance companies will be forced to raise rates, fewer people will be able to afford them, or to afford anything other than the Federal program, and the independents will go out of business, leaving everyone with the sub-standard Federal program. And yes, the doctors will have to raise their rates as well, and adhere to whatever bogus standards of care the government decides is “correct” for your health situation (or, more correctly, is determined by the Pharmaceutical lobbyists at the time)… all under the guise of being in your own best interest, of course.

As it is, one of the things the current legislation does is to authorize home “health interventions” to promote immunizations -whether you want them or not – based on “evidence” of your health history! This is also known as physical intimidation/coercion at the very least, and a violation of privacy and freedom of choice.

… the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee’s… official summary of the bill says: “Authorizes a demonstration program to improve immunization coverage. Under this program, CDC will provide grants to states to improve immunization coverage of children, adolescents, and adults through the use of evidence-based interventions. States may use funds to implement interventions that are recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force, such as reminders or recalls for patients or providers, or home visits.”

[Read the Full Article]

First off, imagine the cost of such a program. Who is going to pay for it? Now tell me WHO is it that’s going to benefit from this little gem of legislation? Yes, the pharmaceutical companies – NOT us private citizens, who will be saddled with this expense and have drugs forced upon us because of our “health evidence”. Should I mention here that the current vaccination schedule for children currently includes 30+ shots by age 5 or 6 (something like triple the number in the last 20 years) and that there is increasing evidence that these vaccinations are the reason for the exponential rise in autism rates in the U.S.?

THIS is the philosophy of those putting together the Healthcare Reform currently under consideration. THIS is a small glimpse into what is likely to happen should the Bill pass. Just because the Federal Government gets involved does not mean that it’s right to take what somebody else has simply because somebody else wants it. Just because the Federal Government gets involved does not mean that their idea of “what’s right” gets to usurp my own idea of what’s right for me or my family, or that my rights as a citizen and a human being are suddenly null and void. The whole concept is riddled with misinformation, expense, error, control, fear, and the usurption of individual rights.

The entire idea of National Healthcare -at least as healthcare exists today, and as it is being defined in the Bill before the Senate now- is horrific in inception and will be devastating on an assortment of levels if it is enacted. Please, please, PLEASE call your government representatives and tell them to vote “NO” on the National Healthcare Bill that is now sitting before them for consideration – regardless of what “Dictator Obama” wants them to do!

  • “My elected officials”
  • U.S. House of Representatives: find your Reps
  • U.S. Senate: Senatorial List
  • Rollcall.com
  • Congress.org

“If we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”

~U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD


  1. Gene says:

    National Heath Care as written by the House Ways and Means Committee is practicing nothing more than euthanasia, the government’s Health care benefits committee will decide who lives, who dies, and what benefit s you get. If you are over 65 years of age, you’re not cost effect to spend any medical procedure to extend your life. If a pregnant mother’s child has a birth defect, under the new program the doctors will ask if you think the child would be better off terminated than the cost of keeping a mentally or physically handicapped child alive.
    This Executive and Congressional Branches are lying and miss leading the country on National Health care, this is a violation of their oath of Office, the Broadcast industry is NOT acting in the Public Interest and is nothing more that the propaganda mouth pieces for the Executive and Congressional branches of government. The Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of the Broadcast industry.
    Here are some things about the Bill –
    1- All illegal aliens will have access to National Health Care
    2- A surge tax on all incomes in excess of $350K/per will be pay by individuals, married combined and all businesses.
    3- All members of Congress will be excempt from having to participate in the National Health Care Program
    4 – They voted down a measure to cut spending if funding runs out for this program
    The interesting part is five Democrats sided with the Republicans voting against this resolution and for #4.
    I have also found out that the Democrats plan to take $500B from Medicare/per year to fund this Program “AARP where are you on this?” NO COMMENT!!

  2. Thank you for your comments, Gene.

    There is *nothing* good about this “health care” plan of Obama’s.

    For those of you still doubting some of the claims being circulated about the finer points of the bills now being considered by both the House and the Senate, please read the following:

    This is NOT a time to sit back in our conditioned fog and naively believe that the government has our best interests in mind. They do not. Our health, our lives, our liberty are at stake.

    PLEASE read the actual bills and encourage your Government representatives to vote NO on this atrocity in the making!


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