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Travel light,
live light,
spread the light,
be the light.

Gotta love it when your teabag hands you a Spiritual reminder while you’re still trying to pry your eyelids open!


Light is everywhere and is in everything. Everything we see and experience is an expression of Light, manifested physically. Even in the darkness, there exists Light – whether in the specific lessons that the dark brings, or in the contrast of the dark against the light which makes the Light seem all the brighter and helps provide us with a gauge by which to measure such things.

When we are truly connected to the Light, what wondrous peaks we humans can reach! In order to reach these peaks of human potential, it takes a bit more than just the realization of the Light and our connection to it – we must also have the ability and willingness to apply it to the physical world, and we must be personally responsible for ourselves and our actions. This combination of realization, responsibility and willingness to act (physical potential), enables us to act according to our higher nature and higher ideals. This is what manifests Light in our daily lives.

Without the personal realization and connection to Light, we are directionless, and easily lead astray from Right, moral action that is one of the goals of the Spiritually inclined. Without personal, conscious responsibility, we can not even see the Light or our connection to it and can not, therefore, express it in order to reach our higher nature; We are lost to the world, to ourselves, and to each other, and we are crippled in our ability to express our highest human potential. And without our willingness to act in accordance to the Light, we can not manifest it here.

But when we can combine the knowledge and insight of Light, personal responsibility, and our highest human potential for action, there is little we can not accomplish! When we act in this manner, we climb mountaintops, soar through the skies, cure disease, help pull others from the brink of disaster with the sharing of a smile, seek to understand our higher calling, ponder the meaning of life, and so very much more!

May you walk in the Light, my friends… and let us manifest it here!



  1. Beautiful – the living light. It brings me to think of the light of deeper knowing within each of us that can guide us and protect us and bring us to a greater purpose in serving a world in need.
    Blessings. Nasi Novare Coram

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