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Sometimes it feels as though I “should” be doing more to get the Light out there in to the world… Write more! Heal more! Meditate more! Talk more! Share more! Do my metaphysical mojo thing more! Participate in and/or lead community gatherings … or discussions… or activities more! More! More! Whatever it is … just more!

But my Light shines, and I know that.

Is there “more” that I could be doing? Yes, of course. There’s always something else that a person can do in order to accomplish a goal. But what is that goal? Perhaps the goal extends to healing or encouraging others to take their next step on the Path, but for most of us, living Truly Within and Of the Light is the goal.

To what cost and what effect does one pursue a goal? Do you take it to the point of sacrificing your health or well-being, or the health and well-being of those closest to you? Is that course of action even in line with the Light? Perhaps if that is truly your calling (I’m thinking of Jesus here), but for most of us, the answer to that question is a resounding “No!”.

Is there something more that we should be doing? I don’t think so. Realizing that we’re on the right track, doing what is feasible and reasonable to do at this time, under the real-life physical constraints with which we all deal while on Earth… it is enough. Our Light shines. Our Light is spreading. And each of us shines the Light a little differently than everyone else. It is ultimately the Perfect Mix, because Light is Perfect, and all of our individual lives here are the perfect expressions of that perfect Light.

So, no – there is nothing else that any of us should be doing other than Shining our Light to the best of our abilities at any given moment. Do what you know to be True to your calling, true to your Spirit, true to your physical and emotional needs, and know that you Rest In The Light, regardless whether or not the occasional “should” creeps in to your awareness field. Just BE. It’s ok. BEing is exactly what is needed on this planet. No more. No less.


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