Silence within the Noise

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Noise. All the noise. Everywhere. There’s somebody cutting their lawn, another neighbor pressure washing something, down the block there are trees being trimmed, there’s the inevitable traffic noises reaching our ears from the nearby roadway… some rock music appears randomly… maybe shreds of the announcements from a local school for their at-home game are carried on the breeze … there’s some kind of industrial equipment being used nearby… Oh! Is that the random banging of something? Yes, yes it is… and now there’s a kid yelling, a dog barking, a bird chasing others from its nest. It goes on… and on… and on, it seems.

Sometimes all this noise blurs together, becoming “white” background noise, and we barely even register it. Sometimes (probably most times), we add to it. Sometimes, we are ourselves quiet, more aware, and the noise transforms into the music that accompanies our daily activities.

Breathe. Listen. Do you hear it?

Are you dancing to the tune our modern world is playing?

Have you ever heard the silence within the noise?

The type of noise described above is physical. It’s tangible. It’s obvious. You can point to the car, or the kid, or the dog, and say “this is creating that noise”.

But what about the noises in your own head… all those little voices… our inner-most conversations with ourselves? Sometimes, it all blurs and we barely even register it. But it’s still there.

Sometimes, we feed the noise, and it becomes a cacophony… dragging the emotions and ego into a wild mix of turmoil, fed by thought. Fed by emotion. Fed by ego. Can you point to the source of this noise? Sometimes you can. But usually, identifying the true source of this noise is not as easily accomplished. It’s not nearly as obvious, and it is certainly not tangible. It’s also usually part of the noise itself. Do you know what it is?

Breathe. Listen. Do you hear the silence? Do you hear the silence within the noise?


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