the Key to averting Calamity

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The world is at war nearly constantly, and gross violence is all too common. Poverty and homelessness are rampant, even in the most affluent of countries. Children are screaming from the pain they’re experiencing, and many are without a way to effectively communicate their experiences or needs. Many are victims of negligence, intentionally or not, at the hands of society. The land is sick from chemicals, pesticides, garbage. Our animals are sick from these same chemicals, pesticides, and garbage, and from living in a way that is not in accord with their Nature. Humans are sick because we are part of this industrialized, sick, unnatural food chain, because of harmful chemicals, “medications”, additives, preservatives, and other harmful elements to which we have been repeatedly exposed and because we too are not living in accord with our Nature. Many people still don’t recognize these snake oils for what they are, and many still believe that the gross abuses our bodies withstand on a daily basis can be done without harmful effect. But deaths and illness and complications from these practices and beliefs are rampant throughout the world. Corporations run the world, hand-in-hand with political leaders and national/international governments. Too many people still believe that these agencies are doing what’s in the best interests of the population. They’re not. They are all too often only interested in keeping themselves in power… at whatever cost necessary. These “agencies” are not normally interested in genuinely helping mankind or the planet, or in creating the necessary and sacred space in which we can all peacefully exist.

This is the exact opposite of what needs to be happening. We have let things be run this way for FAR too long. Do you not see the ramifications? The results? The sickness permeating the World and its myriad BEings?

How long can we last, doing things this way?

Ethics, morals, discretion and action for the Highest Good of All, in line with the Light of One, have been thrown to the wind in favor of the all-mighty ego. Power, money, control, a sense of elitism… these have become the norm. It’s the scale upon which humans measure themselves. And it’s wrong. It’s completely and thoroughly backwards. It’s an abomination. This ego-based attitude is out of alignment with Light and Honesty and Truth. It is not in anyone’s best interests.

Do you not know that you are ALL special within the Light and there are ways to show that without ego… without harming yourself… without harming each other… without harming the planet… without hurting the future generations of mankind and Earth… without throwing out harmful ripples of ego and waste and chaos and anger and confusion to the rest of the Universe?

There are so many ways!

Start with developing a loving respect for yourself, first. Then move on to developing this same kind of loving respect for your fellow human beings and a loving respect for the planet. With true loving respect comes compassion, comes understanding. It develops egolessness, it develops integrity and honesty and truth. You realize we are all One. With this, what harm to each other can we do? With this, what harm can we do to Mother Earth, knowing that she too is Alive and part of the One? Respect. Respect for Life. Respect for honesty and integrity and doing what is right. That is the key.

Respect. Respect yourself. Respect each other. Respect Mother Earth. Respect all Earth’s inhabitants.

Respect the Light within us all.

If you can do this… if you can truly act with loving respect for All within your daily lives, things here will improve. If you can do what is truly right… truly right for All BEings, without concern for your own self-interests (how can you look out for your own best interests if we are all One?), things here will improve. Interact honestly with people, family, friends, other BEings sharing this space on this Earth. Do not poison yourself with chemicals, preservatives, toxins. Take care of yourself. Take care of your environment. Take care of each other.

… this is how it begins… with Loving Respect.


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