The Stillness Within

Posted on October 16, 2015 By

There is a place deep inside each of us that is absolutely still. Do you feel it? Have you ever?

Sit comfortably and breathe with me, focusing only on your breath and these words… take a long, slow, intentional breath. Hold it for a moment, and feel it flow through to your lungs, bringing life and Light. Breathe out, slowly exhaling all the emotional, psychological, and energetic toxins you have absorbed today. Hold this for a moment. Feel the cleansing emptiness there. Breathe in. Feel the breath enter your body, extending throughout your physical body all the way to your fingertips and toes. Notice this feeling. Now slowly let this sensation go with your out-breath. Breathe in… breathe out… notice your breath. Notice your own stillness… your own quiet. Breathe. Feel the rhythm of each breath, in and out, as you settle deeper into your own breathing. In… out… each breath brings another layer of peace. In… out… each breath soothes your soul. In. Out. Breathe. Focus on your breath. In… out… feel the quiet within each breath. Feel the stillness that is there, deep within yourself. Feel the peace, the connection, the Unity. Enjoy it. Remember it. This is always there for you. Remember that too, as you continue your breathing and slowly return your attention back to the physical world.

How do you feel? Did you feel the stillness within?



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