A Spot of Nothing

Posted on November 6, 2015 By

We are all One. All of us on the planet. Everything in the Universe. Everything beyond what we humans think we know. The daily squabbles we find ourselves in, the wars we fight, the power plays and ego and control, the inhumanity that we exhibit towards each other all too often… all this is absolutely counter to the Light that Permeates All. These things are not Light. These things are not Truth. These things are not the essence of Life on this Planet, or of BEing. All these things –and many more!– run completely counter to the Light that is All, that is Truth. It’s time we remember the Light. It’s time we Act on the Knowledge that we are One. Remember your humility and your compassion, and your perspective about your role on the planet and within the Universe. You are a speck of dust. You are an entire Universe. You are so very much more than any of these things, and you are certainly so very, very, very much more than the daily squabbles for ego, control, judgment, etc., that we find ourselves dealing with on a daily basis. Remember the Light. Always.



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