Time to get out of our own way

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There’s so much anger, so much hate, so much mind-boggling elemental fear, so much uncertainty and insecurity and unrest in the world right now. It breaks my heart. There’s no reason for it. Absolutely NONE.

Complicating world events and attitudes even further, politics, economics, pride and (very much mistaken, yet very well-established) ideologies jump in to the mix and then add to the confusion, to the chaos… and they add to the fear and to the pain. Do you feel it? Do you feel the levels and layers of complications that are completely and thoroughly unnecessary but exist simply because we, as a species, still refuse to acknowledge we are One?

Perhaps we still believe the Lies of Reality that we’ve been conditioned to believe; We continue to believe that somehow, the current systems that have gotten us to this point of chaos and fear can suddenly reverse direction…? The truth of the matter is that our cultures and our societies, our continued beliefs in the archaic, outdated, outmoded, neanderthal systems of government, of politics, of religion, of living and of life are getting in the way of doing what is right. We are getting in our own way.

Our egos, and our fear of the unknown… of change… is getting in the way. We are getting in the way of our own growth and development as a species, as a planet, and as a people.

And it’s time to change.

We are capable of so much more than this!

Aren’t we beyond these outdated belief systems yet?

Aren’t we beyond living from a fear-based perspective?

We should be.

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