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Merriam-Webster (Merriam-Webster online dictionary) defines physicality as…

intensely physical orientation : predominance of the physical usually at the expense of the mental, spiritual, or social


This definition is certainly appropriate, but because this world is based on -and thoroughly steeped in- physicality, this definition is also rather simplistic from a metaphysical perspective.

So let’s think about this for a moment.

We are physical beings, on a physical plane, with cultures and belief structures that emphasize the physical.

Yet from a metaphysical perspective, we are so very much more than mere physical beings. The truth is that we are multi-dimensional beings of Energy and Light and Love, and our experiences on this physical plane are an extremely minor and temporary part of who and what we are. But here we are, at least for the time being. And as long as we are on this plane, we are bound to our physicality.

Exploring, developing, and/or remembering our nonphysical aspects in a world that is not only deeply physical by its nature but which also seems to go to great lengths to enforce the physical into our psyches and fields of awareness … well, it can be tough being a semi-aware multi-dimensional being on this planet!

So what do we do? We change our deepest-set beliefs.

First we acknowledge that we are more than physical beings. Then we stop our continued belief in this existence as the one and only reality. We stop reinforcing these limited -and limiting- ideas with our belief and attention.

Now, don’t get me wrong… we definitely have a physical component during our time on this planet, and our physicality doesn’t disappear because we stop giving it all our attention. Furthermore, we should give our physical nature some attention so that it can serve us better, in better health, during our time here. But, if we can find the mental strength to buck the cultural beliefs and conditioning of our societies and we can then acknowledge more than our physicality as reality, we stop reinforcing physicality as the only level of being. If we do this, our mind starts to expand, and True Reality becomes possible. We begin to change. We begin to see beyond the thin veneer of this physical world. Our heart opens. Our mind opens. Our compassion grows, as does our understanding. And we live. We truly and fully live life here, in each moment, knowing that although we might be in this physical reality, we are not of it.

And that can make a huge difference in our experiences here – both for ourselves, and for humanity as a whole.

*~* Namaste *~*


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