So many things

Posted on November 23, 2015 By

So many things have been running through my field of awareness the last several days that it has been difficult to settle upon one upon which to focus and write! So please accept my apologies for the apparent lapse in writing… things are just “jelling” at the moment, and I’m sure that when the timing is right, there will be much posting to be had!

In the meantime, some of the things running through my head include definitions of the world and the limitations those definitions place upon everyone… ego and our interconnectedness, the nature of thought and the directness of being, and of reality… the nature of energy itself, the nature of life on this planet, various ideas in and about this new world we’re creating, non-physical beings being physical, the nature of reality, ego and its manifestations, various and multi-layered truths about our world, multidimensionality and what that means, the way we see things, what we see, how we interpret our experiences here and what we do with it all, the way humanity is changing, what yet needs to be done, the various levels of understanding and of being and of … everything.

My mind is in a whirl! And as soon as it jells into something coherent there will be posts to read! So, I humbly ask for your patience as I process through these things.



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