The Temple(s)

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It’s commonly said that the Body is the Temple. But the Mind is also a Temple.

Although this seems like a contradictory thought, it’s not. The implied contradiction is just another example of the Myth of separation. The reality is that it is the combination of both the mind and the body that are the temple(s) of the soul. They work together, as pieces of the whole. Together, they embody both the physical and the non-physical. One without the other is simply incomplete.

Despite the common phrase “the body is the temple”, many people and many paths seem to emphasize the development of the mind more than -and instead of, or over- the body. Although there is certainly merit in developing the mind, the reality is that neither should be ignored or relegated to some inferior status to the other. Each are just as much a part of our being and our experiences on this planet at this time as any other aspect of our True Selves. Emphasis on the mental, psychological, emotional development side of ourselves – prayer, meditation, concepts of sin, redemption, etc. as something to be developed exclusively of the physical side of ourselves is a mistake. The physical is just as important as the mental. It is, after all, what houses the Soul.

Without caring for the body, it gets sick and withers. This creates additional, unnecessary obstacles for developing the mind and spirit. The non-physical aspects of ourselves need a physical body with which we can interact. If that physical body is healthy, it is easier for us to do our work.

So please… go for a walk, go to the yoga class or to the gym, do whatever your body needs to stay physically healthy and fit. Take care of your physical self. And likewise, please go sit in meditation or prayer, visit the Temple, go to church, and/or do whatever else you need to do in order to attend to your spiritual needs.

And remember, one is not whole or balanced without taking care of both the physical and the metaphysical. It is the nature of this reality. Meld the two into your daily existence and see where it takes you…


(*please use common sense and talk to your physician before beginning any exercise program. The information provided on is not a substitute for medical care and attention. We are not responsible for the consequences of the meditations, exercises or advice. (-more- ))

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