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Humanity’s understanding of the Universe is completely backwards. The prioritization of money and power and control instead of doing things from a truly ethical standpoint is just wrong. It’s backwards. Not only is it anti-developmental for the species and of the planet, it’s just plain destructive. It goes against the true nature of humanity (which is Love and Connection), and anyone who claims higher moral ground and the need to enforce morality on the masses is lying to themselves. The majority of humanity actually leans towards community and compassion for each other – not for power or control, but because it is ethically the right thing to do, and on a deep, deep level, we all know this to be the case.

Humanity has the capacity to evolve on its own, without coercion. But in order for the world to follow that path, we must shift the cultural model of life and living away from the power and control and money and war that have taken over our lives and understanding of the Universal Laws, and we must shift towards independence and Spirit and safety and peace. We must. And we can. We already are making progress, and we will continue to progress.

Evolution to Light

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