the Power to Create

Posted on December 28, 2015 By

The World is as you make it to be.

It is through your eyes, through your senses of perception, it is with your emotions, and with your thoughts that the world in which you live is created. There is nothing else. You create your reality. It really is as simple as that.

Know that all is Whole. Know that all is Complete already. Know that if you are experiencing anything other than this Perfect Wholeness, that it is your perception – your senses, your mind, and your emotions, that are clouding the experience of Reality for you. Shift your perception. Yes, you can do it! You have already within you the ability to lift the veil of superficial sensory perception!

What’s stopping you? Only you.

Believe the Truth of Wholeness, of Completeness, of Health and Healing and of One.

Create well.

You deserve it. The World needs it.

You already know the Truth. It’s time to Live it.



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