Curve-balls (2)

Posted on May 25, 2016 By

So life throws you a curve-ball. You do your best to react with curiosity, with gratitude, to learn from it, to “flow with it” and see where the next step of the Path lies. So you realize that these unexpected turns of events are opportunities for learning and personal growth – good for you!

But sometimes, one curve-ball isn’t quite enough to elicit the type of change the Universe has in mind for you, so another comes hurtling your way. And oh – here comes another! And maybe even another! … and still, another?!


Ok, so you’ve taken a deep breath and realized that you’ve done this a couple of times by now; you’ll be ok. You’re relatively Aware, and have faith that the Universe has plans for you. You’re doing your best to “go with the flow”… even if the flow is more like a hair-raising, white-knuckled, whitewater rafting type of flow than what personal experience has so far shown you. But the entire point is to shake things up, isn’t it? The Universe is paving the way for major changes in your life, and like with most things, it’s how you choose to react that determines the experience… and the end results.

You might not be able to tell where this series of events is taking you. And that’s ok. You might not be sure if this particular series of “whitewater” events is about to hurtle you over a waterfall or land you in a nice serene lake. And that’s ok too. Keep your center and stay balanced. Take each step, each moment, and each breath, one at a time. Before you know it, you’ll land in the lake. You might find yourself in the lake after a thrilling flight over a waterfall, but you’ll safely end up where you’re supposed to be nonetheless. So “enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination” and make the most of these “curveballs”. The Universe knows what it’s doing.


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