Nourish 2

Posted on May 28, 2016 By

There are no excuses. There is no history, no patterns of behavior to overcome, there are no reasons not to treat yourself well and to nourish your soul. Listen to your inner guidance. What is it that you need right now? What is it that makes your heart and soul soar? Do it.

Even if you are trapped in physicality, there are ways to attend to yourself. Take a little step, if you must, but listen to yourself and treat yourself the way you should be treated – with respect, with honor, with love – on all levels of your being. All the time!

You *are* deserving. This is your natural state – one of joy, one of love, one of unity, of wholeness, of health and compassion and essence and BEing.

Listen to yourself, to your needs, to your essence, to your goals and Path and Work.

Be mindful. Be true.
And do it.


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