Just because…

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Just because… I believe in things such as independence, equality, love, and peace, and you somehow know or assume this, does not make me an automatic, passive, or accepting target for your aggression, violence, hatred, rudeness or inconsideration.

Just because… I believe in and try to live by my principles and ethics daily, in every way, does not mean that I must accept the abuse you may send my way for no other reason than you want to, assume that you can, or have no self-control.

Just because… I am a “whole”, fairly well-adjusted being who recognizes that the inner world is just as important (if not more so) than the emotional and physical world in which we live, does not mean that I do not value the physical, or that I don’t want or deserve “nice things”.

Just because… I do not like violence does not mean that I will not fight or defend myself or others, should you choose to turn to violence as a way of self-expression.

Just because… I am usually understanding, patient, and compassionate does not mean that I will tolerate abuse, harassment, or degradation of any kind.

Just because… I do my best to control my ego and emotions does not mean that I won’t assert myself.

Just because… I assert myself does not mean that you can’t also be assertive or expressive.

Just because… I recognize my own gifts and talents does not mean that I disregard or do not value your gifts and talents.

Just because… I hold sacred a certain set of beliefs and have my own version of the truth does not mean that I do not or can not also recognize and respect yours.

Just because… we disagree on something does not mean that we can not honor and respect each other, or honor and respect our differences.

Just because… I may be willing to listen, to help, to guide, or walk with you a while down this part of the Path does not mean that I must -or should- continuously coach you through every step of every experience that you are here to learn. Some things you need to do on your own. It’s the whole point.

Just because… you may feel alone, overwhelmed, or ill-equipped does not mean that you are any of those things. You are intensely Loved and you have much more ability than you give yourself credit!

Just because… we are different on some levels, does not mean we are anything other than different parts of the same Whole.

Just because…
… because we are One.

- ConnectionsPathwalking

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