Universal Timing

Posted on July 23, 2016 By

There is a sense of “Universal Timing” in this world… a sense of things falling exactly in to place, in exactly the right time, and with exactly the right circumstances. It is a sense that everything is “just right” and that everything truly is exactly where -and how- it needs to be. It is a flow… it is a meditation… it is reality beyond this shrouded, limited, physical reality. It is life with and within the natural flow of the Universe. It is Zen. It is Mindfulness. It is detachment. It is Trust. It is Tao. It is perfection. It is simply what it is.

This “magical” timing exists in that place of personal, peaceful, patient, knowing stillness and connection to the Universe; it exists in that place within ourselves that is intimately connected to the Divine. Sometimes we can see the mechanisms of this Universal Timing clicking in to place; sometimes we can’t. It’s an ongoing process, happening for all of us, all the time, whether or not we are aware of it, and even if we can’t see the specific details of the path being laid out before us.

Sometimes we can get in our own way of experiencing this Universal Timing… this Divine Flow. In this day and age of instant gratification, when we are often emotionally and psychologically overrun by our perceived wants and needs, of our own uncertainties and fears, it can be difficult to trust in much of anything. And so we get in our own way of seeing it, of feeling this Flow. But it’s there. And if you can relax… if you can find the stillness within yourself… the patience, the breath, the space within the moments of your life… it becomes possible to feel it, and with this knowledge, it becomes possible to truly trust in the idea of Universal Timing… of everything! Strife and fear move away from us, because we know… truly, deeply know… that there’s more going on “behind the scenes” than most of us can usually see, and we know that ultimately, that things really do work out for the best for all.

So breathe. Trust. Know. And let the Joy and the Peace of this knowledge guide you onward…



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