Waking (the F*) Up

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All the pain and chaos and blatant violence that the world is experiencing these days is unnerving and disconcerting on a personal level to be sure… but it’s also serving a couple of “Higher Agendas”… things that are easy to overlook, but things that we, as part of the “Fairly Aware”, should keep in mind as we navigate these new energies:


    The chaos in the World is serving to highlight the defunct and dysfunctional modes of operation that have been dominating the World and its inhabitants for generations now. Sometimes, we tend to stick to “what’s known” -even though it no longer works!- simply because it’s known and is therefore “comfortable”. The chaos is challenging our default behaviors and is asking us to instead evaluate the status quo of just about everything! We have outgrown the old paradigms and old modes of operation. It’s time to move on. But in order to go forward, we must first understand where we are. And that, is what all this chaos is really about – figuring out where we are, and acknowledging that it no longer serves our best interests.


    It’s stirring people out of their stupor. Personal reactions are sometimes extreme, and in a lot of cases, the reactions are causing more chaos and friction than helping resolve a situation, but people are no longer sitting passively in their armchairs, their fingers stuck in their ears and hands over their eyes doing the equivalent of “Nanananana… I can’t see you… I can’t hear you…” and ignoring the World and its issues. The turmoil is encouraging people to Act… to DO Something. Regardless of the “side” they choose to support, people are DOing Things. People are thinking and evaluating on their own, and more and more people are growing out of the old paradigms that have not served this world for a long, long time now. People are growing out of their habitual, conditioned responses and they are beginning to Genuinely Care. They are beginning to Interact with the World again.


    The turmoil, as hectic and painful as it is, is actually freeing up various, previously stagnant, energies that the World Needs right now. It is creating space into which we can insert these energies and create a new paradigm for living and BEing. The chaos -and peoples’ reactions to it- is, like all things, energetic by nature… and this is the “primordial ooze” of energies from which a new era will evolve. It is the energy of change.


    The People themselves are changing. We are evolving. You can see it in the extremes of reactions. There are people “kicking and screaming” all over the place because the energies are overwhelming and they don’t know what else to do. People are scared, so they react strongly and passionately. As things continue to evolve, the energies (and the World) will settle a bit and these people will find their place in the new paradigm. First, recognize this energetic evolution for what it is (for your own sake), and then please be prepared to help others adjust. It is unusual turf, and some will adapt more quickly than others. Our world is changing, and people are changing with it. This is a good thing.

Ultimately, this turmoil is a good thing. Ultimately, this is the energy of change. These energies will evoke deep, deep, and very necessary changes in the World… changes that we are ready for and need to survive, going forward… and it is up to us to retain our Awareness and help guide the world in the right direction. So… go meditate, go pray, go chant, go do whatever it is you do to keep yourself centered, awake, and aware, and commit yourself to BEing a part of the Guiding Light of Good that the World so desperately needs as it stumbles down this path (and kicks a few rocks at each other in the process).


- Backwards & BrokenEvolution to LightPolitics

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