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– is knowing that what somebody else does or says does not have to affect you in any way. It is a level of detachment from others’ emotions and experiences that creates a certain “resting space” in your own serenity and sense of self. It is knowing that all things have their lessons to be taught and/or learned, should you choose them as part of your path. It is knowing that you do not have to choose all the lessons or experiences that may appear in front of you. It is discretion and choice.

– is created through your actions, reactions, and through what you focus your energy on. It is the manifestation of your thoughts, ego, emotions, and perspective. It can be changed, just as your thoughts and reactions can be changed.

– the sense of and drive and/or “need” for personal power that puts “I” and “me” above all else. It is the attempt at control (of situations, people, etc.) to compensate for the superficial and erroneous belief that we are separate beings. It is disconnection from the Whole. It is isolation. It is illusion -deception- that creates the void of ego, separating each of us from the others, from the Whole. It is lack of compassion, lack of understanding. It is separation from the Light.

– that state of being in which every moment is noticed, appreciated, and lived to the fullest extent possible, with complete attention. It is awareness that time and physicality are illusions; that all things change one breath to the next. It is understanding that events and circumstances that have passed no longer truly exist. It is recognizing that the future is not yet here and so does not yet exist. It is knowing that the only thing that truly exists on this plane is our true awareness of and connection to each specific moment in time. It is a conscious attempt to wholly connect to each moment and to live each moment to its fullest.

– the acknowledgement that “something” exists beyond the experiences of this simple physical existence. It is the knowing that there is more to life than societal and cultural expectations or the “daily grind” of the physical world. It is belief in the subtle, unseen, “unknown” connections between people, events, and circumstances.

– is your true heart, your true passion, your true self, and the expression of that truth within the world, without ego. It is your personal, innermost, truest sense of self.

Following your Path
– is the ability to let Shine the unique vibration that you alone hold in this world. It is the ability to act upon those skills, knowledge, talents, abilities, experiences, etc., that drive your innermost self. It is Authenticity in action.



- ConnectionsReflections

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