Experiences are not optional

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Experiences on this planet are not optional. We are all affected by the world around us. It’s what we signed up for. Our reactions to the experiences of the world vary person to person, depending on our personal temperament, our cultures and environments, our emotional well-being and self-control, the amount of personal stress we may be experiencing, and many other factors, but we are all affected by the world in which we live.

Our society seems to have this idea that we have very little, if any, choice about our experiences. We still seem to believe that there is some “destiny” that we can not escape, made manifest through our personal experiences… Or, if not fate, there is at least some source of “lessons and opportunities” where events and circumstances are intentionally placed in our path as a tool for personal betterment. Either way you look at it, the underlying belief is that things happen TO us.

If this is to be believed, humans are doomed to be narcissistic victims of circumstance.

But is this really the case? Are we really just unwilling victims of circumstance? Of events? Do we really have zero power over our experiences on this plane?

No. No. No… and No.

So… the truth? Things happen. Period. It is the nature of the Universe to change, to evolve, to grow, to “stretch” and “explore” and “push”. It is the nature of the Universe to have things happen… to change. The truth is that the events and circumstances we experience on this Earth are, by their nature, impersonal. They simply exist. They do not have an agenda. It is our interaction and our perception that determines the effect these events have on our lives. We give them power. We assign value and importance to the impersonal events of Life. Things happen. Things are always happening. But we are the ones who choose the effect these things have on our lives.

Don’t believe me?

Watch yourself (your own mind, your own reactions), and even watch others, when faced with something unexpected. There is a fraction of a heartbeat… the barest of moments… between when events “happen” and you realize that something is going on. It is this moment… this pregnant pause… where you choose the experience you want, given the circumstances of the moment. It is a moment where all things are possible. It is a moment of manifestation. It is a moment of choice. It is a moment “inbetween”… a moment that is full of magic… full of potential… full of everything and full of nothing. It is in this moment that you make your choice. It is this moment that you can change your perspective and you choose your experiences.

If you watch closely… if you practice… if you can catch yourself in this moment, in this heartbeat of potentiality… you can change your world… because instead of being a victim to random circumstance and events, you choose your own outcome.

And that’s pretty powerful.

Experiences are not optional. What they are depends on your perception. Your perception is a matter of personal choice.

Experiences are not optional. What they are depends on your perception. Your perception is a matter of personal choice.



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