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Laughter –genuine happy laughter– is said to be good for the soul. And this is absolutely the case, but there’s also more to it than that. Laughter is not just good for the soul… Laughter *is* the Soul, expressing its most basic essence in an audible form! It is our true nature to be happy (and to express and to share this happiness) and laughing is the natural, physical extension of this Truth. Laughter, very simply, is a way for the Soul to express itself. Laughter is the innate, purest JOY… the music… of our souls, of our Selves, and of our Natures, expressing itself in this physical world. Laughter is Love, Joy, and Peace… and it is who we truly are.

So laugh! … and share the Joy of your Soul with the World!

Laugh... One Mystical Monkey /

Laugh… it’s the Soul’s Way of expressing its True Nature!!

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