Intention and Wishing…

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An Intention… is a goal that you truly believe you deserve on all levels of your being, and that you believe you can manifest.

A Wish… is something you would like to have or accomplish… but which, on some deep level of your being, you don’t truly believe you deserve.

Wishes are dreams… hopes… things that seem “beyond your ability to achieve” because you don’t truly believe they can happen. On some deep-seated level, you don’t believe you deserve the manifestation of the goal(s). They are, to your mind, unattainable. Wishes are goals without commitment, without belief.

Intentions are also manifested according to your deep-seated beliefs, but they remain things that you believe you can accomplish. They are achievable goals. They often require the investment of your time and energy, and sometimes the exertion of your will in order to manifest. They may need a “plan of action” and “baby steps” to accomplish. Or perhaps they simply require your patience, acceptance, and belief that the Universe will manifest your goal for you in a way that is in your ultimate best interests. The end result is that the goal is achievable all the same, because you believe it to be the case.

The difference between Intention and Wishing is your belief.

The reality is that You manifest your reality. It is you who tells the Universe “I deserve this” or “I don’t deserve this”. Whatever you communicate to the Universe, it listens. Whatever you believe… wherever you put your energies… that is what the Universe reacts to.

The Universe is unlimited. It is loving and kind and Abundant. You are a child of the Universe. As such, you are limited only by your own beliefs about yourself and the world. It is You who stops the Abundance of the Universe from flowing to you. None other.

So… are you Wishing… or Intending… ?

Remember, the Universe listens.

“The difference between Intending and Wishing is your Belief”


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